Dr. Herman is teaming up with great partners for an exciting PROMPOSAL CONTEST!!

Did you have a unique way of asking your date to prom? Were you asked to prom in a unique way? Dr. Herman wants to hear about your PROMPOSAL!

This prom season we would love to see how creative you, or your date, were for your PROMPOSAL!

Dr. Herman and his team know how expensive all the prom festivities can get! That is why he, and our sponsors, want to help out one special past or present patient of Dr. Herman’s! Get creative, get silly, use your imagination…it is worth it! Look at this package you could win!!!

$500 Allowance for your dress and a $50 gift card to the restaurant of your choice for dinner


$175 allowance for your tux, $75 gift card for DSW for your shoes, and a $50 gift card to the restaurant of your choice for dinner

Want to know how to enter? It is EASY! Email us a picture of your PROMPOSAL to contest.drhermanbraces@gmail.com by February 23, 2017. We will upload all entries to our facebook page. Voting will begin on February 24th and end on March 2nd. We will decide the winner by the person who has the most “likes” on our facebook. So share share share!  A little tip: the likes must be on the photo that appears on our facebook page only, we will be unable to count likes if they are on the shared picture, so make sure to send them to our way to our  facebook page and like your picture directly from us.  See…super easy!

We have some wonderful sponsors for this contest! Dr. Fox and Dr. Broermann and Faccianos Bridal & Formal Attire. We thank both of those sponsors that are helping us with such a fun contest! Please stop by their websites and check them out! Dr. Herman and Faccianos will be providing the beautiful attire that is included in both the winning packages. Dr. Fox and Dr. Broermann will be providing the dinner gift cards of your choice.

Good luck! We cannot wait to see all the fun entries!

Dr. Herman’s annual Scholarship for the Class of 2017!

Dr. Herman and his team would like to take the opportunity to recognize the hard work you have put forth in order to graduate with his annual scholarship for High School Seniors!

Dr. Herman is excited to once again be awarding a $2000 Scholarship to a patient (current or past patients can apply) that is a graduation senior who displays extraordinary enthusiasm and drive.

The winner will be selected based on a scholarship application. Seniors should submit a 2 page statement about educational plans and motivation. We want to know lifetime goals, how do you plan to make the world a better place, and how this scholarship will help you do so? Also, a letter from the guidance counselor commenting on academic credentials and your transcript (GPA, rank, test scores) and college plans is required for every applicant.

The deadline to turn in applications is Friday, May 19, 2017. You

The winner will be announced Summer of 2017!

Please contact our office or check out our website for more information: drhermanbraces.com